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The Wisdom Process

For the Discovery and Self-Leadership, to assist this awakening and beautiful purpose, I have mapped  a self-guiding journey:  "The Wisdom Process"

It is a journey for expansion and in-depth understanding of:

  • how to invite an expanded perspective

  • understand, accept and embrace the inner growth process

  • strengthen and harmonise the nervous system

  • allow to be guided by "soul intelligence"

  • align with the universal laws to regenerate and recreate

  • explore how you can infuse healing and peacefulness in your life

  • cooperate with inspiration and power from Creator Source

  • deal with the clearing phases from mind-body toxins and programming

  • learn practices that deepens and clear up your path

The openings of spiritual dimensions and the awakening in our soul and mind-body can be blissful, a home coming, smooth and gentle, and it can also feel raw and uncomfortable. It can inspire us to create, open up the intuitive seeing, make us feel whole and more loving, and the experience can in moments also hurt, feel awkward or scare us and others, as it is unknown territory. The clearing out of toxins and false beliefs can cause resistance and pain. The nervous system automatically alerts when it is under pressure and the conditioning can want to disrupt this awakening and disconnect us unconsciously.

Many try to hide the inner revelations, brush it of as nonsense, feel shame or fear of being judged, or believe the temporary consequences are some psychiatric illnesses of some kind. The current of spiritual energy can trigger sensitivities, can get stuck in unresolved issues, so if you feel as you are "loosing it" do speak to people experienced in some transpersonal therapy or spiritual emergency.

This awakening can cure the illnesses in the mind. Its a tricky passage. As the openness can help to dis-identify from the mind programs that will try to make you stop it all, you need to be aware of hybris and egoic tendencies to kidnap your mind and trick you to identify yourself as the glorified godhead. It is that ego-mind resistance that will cause the worst painful sense of fall out of the power delusion. Grace is ever present and will never fail to be ready for you when you realise this mistake.

You can feel oneness with all life, and at the same time extremely lonely in your family. So seek out more open people to be around, without blaming those who can't understand. You may feel a need to seek out a professional therapist or psychiatrist that have insight in the different episodes of an awakening soul. Just make sure they have an open mind, this kind of experience and have a spiritual journey themselves. (only intellectual knowledge will not suffice)

For most people the awakening doesn't happen in a flash and we don't find ourselves in a constant bliss. We will grow into trusting a bigger intelligence than our own mind. The true reality can dawn on us in an instant, open the heart fully, but for most of us its is often a sudden event or a; break through, peak experience, mystical event or boundless connection, that lasts for either some seconds or months. The time frame is not important, as this hits us as a vivid knowing of an inevitable and infinite inner truth and loving relationship to Source.

We all have a highly individual connection to the spiritual realm, and we can recognize ourselves in others, but should never compare. The process use to start with seeing more clearly, then opening our hearts for a greater relationship to life and lastly we are challenged in the gut by timelessness, urged to let go of the identification with the physical body. Many see this as a death threat, and fear this pull from within. But this is a even deeper step to live even more fully to allow the soul light live in the flesh, and become timelessly alive in the present moment.

There can go years full of of openings and integration throughout life, and then there can be years of no profound inner movements until it suddenly surfaces again. It can be confusing, mysterious and heavy to travel on your own. So I urge everyone to seek some spiritual guidance.

I work and exist from living awareness, and that's a state of being without preconditioning. It is not something to achieve, nor produce, its something we are and share. It is the natural ground of beingness explored together.

This unbroken stream of beingness is called the ultimate healer. (In the Prajnaparamita sutra, buddhist wisdom teachings.) To live in a physical body, with a mind in constant need of guidance and care, means that we never can experience life as only comfortable and perfect to us, nor only as disappointing and imperfect. It is a paradox we learn to love.

In this exploration the assisting tools I use and teach:

- graceful contemplation

- deep listening, deep resting.

- creating a BS free "Self-help and Self-realization kit"

- intimate self-compassion for emotional healing

- un-conditioning tools and dialogue

- unbroken stream of beingness - the ultimate healer of the soul

- meditation for stress-relief (mindfulness, loving kindness)

- "ease and release" a trauma respons method

- open meditation for reconnecting (nondual awareness)

- mindful peaceful yoga stretch, to ease the mind and body

- breathing exercises for clearing toxins and strengthening the nervous system

- spiritual psychology re-integration, regenerative exercises

- recognising the unconditioned and natural beingness in the now

- track and remove manipulative frequencies, energy forms and binding mind constructions

This journey awakens "the inner knowing", so setting of time to in silence every day can be important, and to be among accepting and loving people that love you as you are. And seek out people that can mirror your current level of awareness, and cultivate the wisdom you yearn for and are attracted to.

One solution can be to seek a spiritual community. My advise is to first of all stay in your integrity of the soul path you experience.  Its can be a blessing to be able to share and grow with others. Be discriminative, follow your souls inspiration. A new age group can feel fresh and friendly, but maybe not that instructive or stabilising, a church or mosque can feel to dogmatic and following scriptures, and a guru-lead sect can feel safe and opening at first but also be a huge limiting trap to on the spiritual path. Don't identify with anything or anyone saying they have the truth for you. Let yourself be guided from the heart, in the peace and love from within.


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